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Join thousands of people from all walks of life who have read the Compass membership starter guide and made a sound decision on their membership quest.

The Compass is intended to help prospective members  through the process of applying for membership,  and to provide a complete kit to current members on what is involved in being a member of the ‘new world’.

It begins with some basic background on what the ‘new world’ is, how it operates, the various levels of membership, the membership benefits, expectations, and the process of applying for admission to the ranks.

The ebook is your handy ‘Compass’ that covers quite a number of vital points of consideration involved in joining the organization. Take time to read, discern, and think through the questions and answers before committing to opt in.

Decision-making process is a part of our everyday life. When it comes to making high-stakes decisions, it’s paramount to correctly identify the choices at hand, gather all available information, separate facts from fictions, clear opaque issues, and make the most informed decision possible.

When contemplating joining the association, you must ask yourself questions that take you beyond being just a consumer of existing ‘facts and myths’. Instead, you must discern whether promises of the new world are in sync with your expectations, and to what extent what your benefits will be.

And should you opt to join the ranks, a direct link is provided in the end matter to the book.

The Compass starter kit is your life’s guide to get answers to 100s of unsettled questions.

This is an ultimate compass for anyone contemplating on whether to join the ‘new world’ or otherwise. Now is the time to get guided. Begin reading the ‘Compass’ today!

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