Ethos of the Amerix Academy

A Man Is Driven By His Why

A Man driven by “WHY” can bear any “how.” He willingly places himself in the fire, knowing he will come out stronger and more tempered. He steps gladly into the discomfort zone in order to define his purpose and share it with the world.

A Man Runs To The Sound Of Adversity

A Man is never afraid of confrontation or conflict, as he understands that is where true growth lies. By running towards the sound of adversity he knows not only will he better himself, but better the situation through his actions.

A Man Commits To Taking Action

A Man designs his path, embraces it, and walks it with pride. He knows that the only easy day was yesterday.

A Man Does Not Make Excuses

A Man takes extreme ownership for his actions as he knows that ownership is the very fabric of integrity of a Man’s life.

A Man Chooses Integrity As His Value Of Choice

At the end of the day, all a Man has his word and his name. If he dishonors either of those, he has nothing. Knowing this, Man chooses to be honest with himself, with his team, and those closest to him–he knows dishonesty will lead to erosion of character and legacy in a blink of an eye.

A Man Vows To Renew His One-Second Contract… Daily

A Man is grounded in the present. Understanding that there are only 86,400 seconds in a day, the one-second contract makes him ever-present. He chooses family, adventure, brotherhood, and his purpose to guide him throughout his day. Success is not owned, but only rented.

A Man Is Not A Shitty Teammate

A Man puts the spotlight on the team, before himself. By being a “Team Guy” he takes responsibility for seeing his Brothers succeed at the highest level, and helps propel them to heights they have never experienced before.

A Man Is A Servant Leader

A Man is willing to teach and share his experiences with others, including his failures. He passes on what was imprinted on him so that others can succeed at the highest level.

A Man is flexible in design. He embraces living a life full of vision and accepts that all things change for a reason.

A Man knows his greatest gift on this earth is to leave a legacy full of impact. Always pursuing self-mastery, Man embodies the “Warrior” mentality and strives to impact as many lives as he can while on this earth.