About the School

Amerix Academy is one of the world’s best virtual school that specializes in teaching positive masculinity, personal development, and healthy living. The school teaches men the art and science of reclaiming their primal manliness. As a student, you will be positively challenged to tap into your full potential when you enter our virtual school. Our training model will nourish and rejuvenate you.

Our “toughening” lessons have brought them to know their full power. This then gives them ability to counter the soft, politically-correct culture surrounding them. The school cultivates values, brotherhood, extreme accountability, and has become an organization to give men the skill-sets to be successful in life, health, and business.

Teachings of the Amerix Academy has brought about transformative experience for men. Families have been healed and rebuilt. Wealth and businesses have been created and grown. Leadership has been forged and hardened. Men have found accountability and power inside the extreme training environment.

If you feel dead inside or want to go to the next level in family, wealth and leadership… but are stuck… There is ONE reason you have stopped winning – after thousands of years THRIVING. You ARE Being Attacked. You have been lied to and probably now repeat the lies. There is a simple but hard path to RECLAIM your full Primal Power.

Upon graduation, you will have the potential to develop a tough mindset and signal “alpha” to your world populace who looks to you for leadership.